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Hello everyone, I’m Md Noman Shahriar and I can’t wait to tell you about GPTMantra BlackBook. This product has completely blown me away and I am certain it will do the same for you. My review is here to help you make the best choice and realize the incredible value of this product.

Are you tired of struggling to craft attention-grabbing subject lines and social media posts that resonate with your audience? Are you frustrated with low conversion rates and lacklustre results from your digital marketing efforts? It’s time to end your marketing woes and elevate your game with the GPT Mantra BlackBook.

This exclusive resource is designed to help you boost engagement, drive conversions, and achieve unparalleled success in your digital marketing campaigns. Say goodbye to uninspiring content and hello to persuasive prompts that inspire action and turn leads into loyal customers.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the true potential of your digital marketing efforts. Act now and get your hands on the GPT Mantra BlackBook. Your marketing success is just one click away.

GPTMantra BlackBook Info

Product Name: GPTMantra BlackBook

Vendor Name: Maghfur Amin

Price: $17

Official Website: Click Here

Niche: Software

Support: Effective Support

Refund: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

What is GPTMantra BlackBook?

GPTMantra BlackBook is an innovative collection of over 7,000 AI prompts known as “MANTRA,” specifically curated to streamline digital marketing activities. By harnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT, this tool empowers marketers to generate compelling content for various marketing channels, including content creation, customer engagement, sales funnels, and more. It’s a powerful resource that can elevate your digital marketing game and help you achieve unparalleled success. 

What Software do you need?

All you need is just a free account in to access and unlock the power of the GPT Mantra BlackBook for digital marketers. It’s a simple and easy way to revolutionize your digital marketing efforts.

How Does GPTMantra BlackBook Work?

Step 1:

GPTMantra BlackBook works by providing AI prompts for digital marketing purposes.

Step 2:

Users can copy and paste the prompts into the ChatGPT platform.

Step 3:

The prompts generate compelling and persuasive content tailored to specific marketing needs.

This allows users to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT for their marketing strategies.

Key Features of GPTMantra BlackBook

Over 7,000 AI Prompts

The 7000+ AI prompts in the GPTMantra BlackBook are a valuable resource for marketers looking to streamline their content creation and digital marketing efforts. With prompts covering a wide range of marketing activities, users can access a wealth of ideas and inspiration to boost their creativity and productivity. Whether it’s crafting engaging social media posts, writing compelling sales copy, or creating personalized email marketing campaigns, the extensive collection of prompts offers a valuable tool for generating high-quality content efficiently. 

With such a diverse and comprehensive range of prompts at their disposal, marketers can unlock the full potential of AI technology to elevate their digital marketing strategies.


Versatility for Different Marketing Channels

One of the key advantages of GPTMantra BlackBook is its versatility across various marketing channels. Whether it’s crafting persuasive sales copy, generating engaging social media posts, or creating impactful email campaigns, the prompts can be adapted to suit different platforms and campaign objectives. This versatility enables marketers to maximize their reach and engage with their target audience effectively.


Time and Effort Savings

With the GPTMantra BlackBook, marketers can save a significant amount of time and effort in content creation. The ready-to-use prompts provided by the BlackBook allow them to bypass the brainstorming process and immediately start crafting content. This efficient approach not only saves time but also enables marketing teams to focus on other strategic initiatives, ultimately enhancing productivity and efficiency.



Customization allows users to personalize the prompts to better suit their needs, creating content that is specifically tailored to their goals and audience. This flexibility ensures that the generated content is impactful and resonates with the intended target audience.


Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage offers a wide array of prompts that cover various marketing activities such as sales and landing pages, lead generation, copywriting, email marketing, and social media marketing. This makes it an adaptable and versatile tool for marketers looking to enhance their strategies and campaigns.


Commercial Use and Resell Rights

Commercial Use and Resell Rights refer to the permissions granted to users to use the prompts in their own commercial projects or to resell them as a standalone product. This offers additional revenue-generating opportunities for the users.

Benefits of GPTMantra BlackBook

Data-Driven Approach

The prompts in GPTMantra Blackbook are based on data-driven insights, ensuring that the content created using the prompts is well-aligned with current marketing trends and best practices.

Increased Productivity

GPTMantra Blackbook can significantly improve productivity by providing ready-made prompts for various marketing purposes, saving users time and effort in brainstorming content ideas.


Enhanced ChatGPT Utilization

The product addresses the common challenge of users not fully understanding how to harness the power of ChatGPT. GPTMantra BlackBook provides a guide and a collection of prompts to help users utilize ChatGPT effectively, enabling them to unlock its full potential and achieve desired results.


Increased Income Potential

By acquiring re-sell rights, users have the opportunity to generate additional income by selling the product as their own, tapping into a potentially lucrative market.


Limited-Time Discount Offer

The inclusion of a limited-time 50% discount during the launch event creates urgency and incentivizes swift action, ensuring users can take advantage of reduced pricing.



GPTMantra Blackbook can be used by a wide range of professionals, from digital product sellers to bloggers, e-commerce owners, and content creators, making it a valuable tool across different sectors where digital marketing is essential.

Who Can Benefit from GPTMantra BlackBook?

GPTMantra BlackBook caters to a wide range of digital marketing professionals, including:

Digital Marketers: Enhance content creation and customer engagement strategies.

Content Creators: Generate fresh and compelling ideas for blog posts, videos, and social media content.

Copywriters: Find inspiration for persuasive and impactful copywriting.

Social Media Managers: Craft attention-grabbing captions and posts that drive engagement.

Email Marketers: Create persuasive email campaigns that capture the attention of subscribers.

Bloggers and SEO Experts: Improve organic search rankings with well-crafted headlines and meta descriptions.

E-commerce Owners: Develop engaging product descriptions and persuasive calls-to-action.

Agencies and Freelancers: Streamline content creation processes while delivering high-quality copy and marketing materials to clients.

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Enhance online presence and attract customers through persuasive marketing materials.

Pricing and Evaluation of GPTMantra BlackBook

GPTMantra BlackBook is available for purchase at a competitive price of $17. Considering the extensive collection of AI prompts and the potential benefits for streamlining content creation and driving results, GPTMantra BlackBook offers excellent value for money. Marketers can choose the package that best suits their needs and budget, with the option to upgrade for additional content and features.

Pros & Cons


1. Vast collection of AI prompts covering various marketing activities

2. Versatile functionality suitable for different platforms and campaign objectives

3. User-friendly interface for easy navigation and access to prompts

4. Time-saving and cost-effective solution for content creation

5. Option for commercial use and resale rights, offering additional revenue opportunities

6. Constantly updated with new AI prompts to keep content fresh and engaging

7. Can assist with generating content in multiple languages, reaching a wider audience

8. Access to a supportive community and customer service for assistance and guidance


1. Learning curve for new users unfamiliar with AI technology


OTO1 – PLR License – $47

Your customers get Hundred collection of Ready-To-Upload Video & Images Quotes to Hook Audience and Get Viral Traffic from social media! – Come with PLR License!


Q: What’s GPTMantrra BlackBook?

This tool is designed to help streamline and automate various aspects of digital marketing, allowing users to generate more leads and revenue in a shorter amount of time. With over 7,000 AI prompts, it covers a wide range of marketing activities, making it a comprehensive resource for businesses looking to enhance their online presence.


Q: What Software Do I Need?

All you need is just a free account at


Q: What’s The Product License we’ll get?

The product license options for the main package include a Commercial Use License or a Re-sell Right License. However, you can also upgrade to the Extended version, which includes an Extended PLR License and additional templates.

Q: Can I Edit/Customize the Prompt?

Yes sure, you can customize the prompt to meet your perfect needs.

Q: Are there any more Upsells or OTOs?

The Extended Pack comes with an Extended PLR License for both the Main product and the Extended version, giving you more options and flexibility to use the content in different ways. It’s important to note that these upgrades are optional and not necessary to use the main product.

Q: Can I Re-Sell The Product?

It’s important to understand the specific terms of the license you have for the product. If you have the PLR (Private Label Rights) License, you have the right to resell the product to anyone. However, if you only have the Commercial Use License, you are limited to using the product for your own business or for your client’s projects. It’s crucial to adhere to the terms of the license to avoid any legal issues.

Q: Do You Offer Money Back Guarantee?

You can rest assured that if the product does not meet your needs and their technical support is unable to resolve the issue, they  offer a refund within 14 days of purchase.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I highly recommend GPTMantra BlackBook to any digital marketer looking to take their content creation and engagement strategies to the next level. 

With its comprehensive AI prompts, versatility across various marketing channels, and customizable licensing options, GPTMantra BlackBook is a game-changing solution that empowers marketers to harness the full potential of AI technology. By integrating this powerful tool into their digital marketing toolkit, marketers can expect to see improved results, increased efficiency, and a greater ability to achieve their marketing objectives. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your digital marketing efforts with GPTMantra BlackBook.

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